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Tech Events in 2023

Whether you’re an employer or an employee there are so many ways your career and your company can benefit from attending Industry events so why not give them a try? From networking events to tech conferences and skills festivals, there’s definitely plenty to be learnt from attending events.

Some people find networking overwhelming or may even feel slightly intimidated by it. If you’re wondering if industry events are worth attending in 2023, here’s some top tech events this year and reasons why you and your business would benefit attending!

Meet other people who share your passion and career:

Attending different tech events not only will you meet a plethora of different people who all share similar passions, goals and ambitions career wise, but you'll also be in the presence of a lot of your competitors when you're there! This is a great way to expand your network by talking to different people throughout the day. Remember to connect with them on LinkedIn to continue the relationships between people in the tech world. By doing this you’ll be able to grow stronger relationships and expand your professional networks. This could help your company scale up as speaking to people in the same industry and asking if they’re open to looking for different roles and potentially joining your company is a great way to expand your team and open up opportunities for the business to scale up.

Expand your Network

Meeting new people and connecting with them on LinkedIn is a great way to expand your professional network. Another great way of doing this is by joining different social media groups. Subsequently, it will increase your social media presence before and after the event. Making sure you stay active and known in the industry, will lead to more brand exposure for your company. People will be likely to engage in business with you, after they've seen how active you are on social media. Building a portfolio of your work so they can see that you'd be a trusted and successful business part.

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Positive Brand Exposure:

By expanding your professional network, you’ll also be promoting your company’s brand and culture. This will allow you to work towards scaling up as it’ll allow you to promote your business and attract more people to apply for roles at the company. This is a great way to kickstart growth and build your team. By highlighting your company's culture it'll attract the best candidates for your business. People at these events will often have a genuine interest in the industry too. This means it’s a great place to meet people who are genuinely passionate about tech which is exactly want you want from candidates.

Make a Lasting Impression:

As a result of lockdown in 2020, there has been a huge rise in remote working and meetings through virtually rather than in person. Even though that’s become the new norm it’s still so important to meet people in the industry face to face to make a more authentic and lasting impression. It’s a lot more memorable seeing someone and engaging in convocation face to face as oppose to just on a screen via teams.

Different Tech events in 2023 to Consider attending:

Digital Skills Festival on the 6th Feb :

  This is taking place in Manchester and is for any industry or educational professionals to talk about different issues within the tech sector and try to find solutions for those issues.

All About the Technology Industry on the 21st Feb :

The all about technology industry event is taking place in central Oxfordshire. It’s aim is to allow people to obtain new skills enabling them to pursue a career in the tech industry if they want to. It’s a short course and all services are completely free of charge!

Reframe Women in Tech on the 30th and 31st March:

The Reframe women in tech event will be taking place at Emirates Old Trafford. It’s the 3rd year this event has taken place, you can purchase either a 1 day or 2 day ticket. The aim of the event is to provide different speeches and workshops to help empower and motivate.

Green Tech Conference on the 16th March:

This event is taking place on Oxford road in Manchester. It is set to discuss upskilling and innovating growth in the tech sector to be more eco friendly and economic. It’s welcoming a variety of companies and individuals who’re all aiming to or are already in the process of developing innovative new technology. This technology reduces the emissions and carbon footprint resulting in a greener future. Guest speakers include:

  • The ethical sustainability expert Steve Connor
  • Chris Mason a Chartered UK attorney who handles cases each day regarding innovative tech.
  • David Walsh who’s a UK and EU patent attorney specialising in different types of biotech.

London Tech Week:

London Tech Week is taking place from the 12th of June till the 16th of June. It’s being held in Westminster London and is featuring live speeches. This with provide you with advice and information about the tech ecosystem from innovative founders. This year is London Tech week’s 10th anniversary! It’s offering networking hubs, live streamed content and many different zones to find out all things tech!

Hopefully now you feel confident as to why it's important to attend industry events and can find some in 2023 that will benefit you and your business!

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